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ICP TEAMS is a private education company that focuses on students who are readying themselves for college during the high school years

Why ICP Teams?

ICP TEAMS offers families services they need and deserve with a large array of services in the areas of, tutoring, test prep, essay writing, and college requirements. All the while making sure our students are taking the right classes to not only graduate but to attend their dream schools. ICP TEAMS also offers Financial Aid assistance with FAFSA and PUB 970, Scholarship search assistance, and Career assessments to assure our students are pursuing their right career and passion now.
  • Higher Salaries for STEAM workers 26% 26%
  • Growth in Computer Science Fields 30% 30%
  • Job Placements focused on S.T.E.A.M. Roles 85% 85%
  • ICP-TEAMS Students’ Admissions Success in 2018 100% 100%

Individual College Planning For S.T.E.A.M. Students

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